About Us

FCMLLC is a women-owned “boutique” company. FCMLLC is not a booking agency”! Services go beyond just booking the artists. FCMLLC is the “go-to” company for organizing and promoting live music entertainment for concerts, private, fundraising, and corporate parties. The media “leg” of our business consists of marketing, branding & promoting primarily in the Texas Hill Country with growth plans to expand to other regions and states. We also host artists, fan and business interviews, and blogs.

Founded in 2021… what began as a dream and business plan to purchase a Ranch Multipurpose Venue in The Texas Hill Country fell apart before I could get the company formed. The ranch went off the market and with rising land & real estate prices, I was left without a venue or a business model. By the end of March, I knew it was time to develop a new plan & strategy. 

I hit the road for the first road trip that took me to five states and over 2000 miles in five days.  Driving to Branson, MO to see the “Country Rewind Tour” with Brian White, Darryl Worley, and Andy Griggs. With the main goal to meet Andy and apologize in person for canceling his performance in March and to let him know we would reschedule in the future. God had bigger plans, I ended up meeting Tommy & Melissa Lemon (Missy Wolf), Center Stage Magazine, and Darryl. 

Not only making new friends, but found myself learning more about the venues and shows. I knew I had a lot to learn and needed more contacts. Over the next few months, traveling to eight more states from as far away as Indiana to Florida and every place in between. Making more contacts, and piecing together what I wanted for my company.

By August, I knew I didn’t want to own my own venue, I wanted to partner with existing venues and businesses to grow/expand their venues.  After securing the venue, date and artists, the first concert was held in November.  With only three months to plan and execute, reality set in of how many resources, contacts, and additional staff were required. Despite the obstacles, challenges, and weather conditions, we did it.  A team of people, businesses, nonprofits, staff, and volunteers were created.

Looking back on that night with Tracy Byrd, Darryl Worley, Braydon Zink, and Felix Truvere … it wasn’t successful as far as ticket sales or expenses but all the relationships that were formed were worth so much more than any money made or lost. Each of the people and companies are still part of the FCMLLC family. 

Starting this company and having the opportunity to work with so many amazing people/artists, is a dream come true but the true blessing is all the “patrons” who have attended, many of them becoming clients and friends.

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